Jul 23, 2018

Lancaster Avenue Weekly Newsletter


This week in the main room the children have loved exploring all of our new resources. The new light box has been really popular; the children have spent lots of time creating their own pictures using coloured coins and stones. You can try this at home by creating pictures using natural resources such as stones, pebbles, leaves and twigs. The children have also really enjoyed the new home corner equipment; cooking with the food in the saucepans using the kitchen utensils and dressing the dolls. The children have had lots of fun exploring the new ICT equipment including the remote control cars and the interactive drawing boards. The children have been exploring sound using the musical instruments; the large xylophone has been really popular as well as the small wooden instruments. In the garden the children have spent lots of time in the mud kitchen making their own mud pies using the saucepans and scoops. The skittles and ring toss games have been lots of fun this week as well as group games of football where the children played together in groups and scored lots of goals!


This week in baby room we have been playing lots in the water tray. The babies have been using funnels, sieves, and tiny buckets to fill up with water and pour out. The water resources are clear which the babies love as they can see the water pouring out, they have also loved using their hands  to feel the water as it pours. We have had the construction scene out this week so the babies have loved building. They have used small to medium size wooden blocks and made different types of structures. As the babies really enjoy dressing up during role play we set up construction workers accessories e.g. hard hat and hi vis jackets which they have loved! In whippersnappers this week the babies really enjoyed singing the ‘teddy bears’ picnic, they were feeding the teddies pieces of fruit while singing also.

If any parents could help out with a new display board I am doing it would be much appreciated. The board is going to be called ‘our family’ and I would love resources for it. I want the board to have family photos on so pictures of your child and others family members would be lovely. You can email the pictures over or bring them in to me if that’s easier. Homely accessories would be great also, anything old you could bring in like keys, key rings. Obviously you don’t have to bring in things you are very fond of but as I said things you’re not too bothered about giving away.


The Lancaster Avenue team