Aug 3, 2018

Lancaster Avenue Weekly Update

w/c 30th July 2018

This week in the main room the children have really enjoyed collaging activities at the creative table. They liked creating their own pieces of artwork using different materials and resources. You can use resources from around the house to create collages at home with your child such as cupcake cases, plastic lids, tin foil and old magazines and newspapers. The children have loved constructing with the lego; they used their imagination to create small houses and castles and experimented with how the different shaped and sized pieces fitted together. The children in the main room enjoyed having Theo’s Mummy come in to make jam tarts. They liked helping to roll out the pastry and cut it into circles with the shape cutter and then scooping jam into the pastry cases. The children couldn’t wait to take them home! You can try this recipe or something similar at home. Here are a few ideas to help you..

Out in the garden the children have enjoyed watering our flowers and vegetables which are growing so well! They have liked observing the changes that are happening as the flowers and vegetables grow and can’t wait to try our vegetables as soon as they are ready! Have you grown any flowers or vegetables at home? If you have we would love to see the results... feel free to upload pictures to your child’s tapestry account of all the lovely things you might be growing.  

The booking forms for Learning and Development parent meetings are now up in the main room (on the display board by the cubbies). Each key person has their own booking form for you to book your preferred time slot. Each key person will hold their meetings over two evenings between the times of 5.15pm and 6.15pm.

Hope you all enjoy the lovely sunny weekend,

Shelley and the Main Room Team


This week in baby room they have really been enjoying music and dance. We have been having singing sessions just before lunch in a quite cosy corner, the babies have loved singing along to ‘Polly put the kettle on’ and ‘down in the jungle’. During these sessions the babies have been dancing and turn taking in banging the large drums we use for whippersnappers. In the sand area we set up a water tray so the babies have enjoyed filling small containers with water and pouring this into the sand. They have loved feeling the texture of the dry and wet sand and also using the wet sand to mould different shapes into their hands. 

We had dollies in the home corner with a variety of baby clothes and accessories. The babies have tried to dress the dollies with support from adults. Some of the babies have laid their dollies down and attempted to change their nappies saying things like “baby poo” “baby wee”. To encourage your child in dressing and undressing themselves independently at home, lay a variety of clothes out and allow them to choose what they would like to try on. I have found when we have whippersnappers the babies love to try on new clothes and hats so this would be a great activity at home to do.

Thank you to the parents who have brought in family photos, if you haven’t yet there is still time. We would love more beautiful photos on our family board as there is still room to fill! This month are holding out L&D meetings so please choose your preferred time slot. The time slots are in the baby room corridor.

Have a lovely weekend

Rachel and the baby room team J