Our Rooms

The rooms in all 4 of our nurseries are extremely well equipped with appropriate resources that are well cared for.

nellys-rosendale-our-rooms-3.jpg nellys-rosendale-our-rooms-2.jpg nellys-turney-our-rooms-2.jpg nellys-turney-our-rooms-3.jpg nellys-turney-our-rooms-1.jpg nellys_our_nurseries_3.jpg nellys_our_nurseries_2.jpg nellys_our_nurseries_6.jpg nellys_our_nurseries_1.jpg

All 4 of our nurseries are a little bit different, which gives our parents the opportunity to choose between them based on their preferences and the needs of their children.

At our smaller nurseries (Turney Road and Dulwich Sports Ground) our babies and toddlers share a small intimate room catering for between 9 and 12 children until they are ready to move up to our main room (shared between our 2, 3 and 4 year old children). At our larger nurseries (Lancaster Avenue and Rosendale Road) the rooms shared by our babies and toddlers are a little larger, catering for between 15 and 21 children), providing more space for those children to move around in, in a slightly larger group.

Similarly, the main rooms at our larger nurseries are slightly larger, allowing us to resource them with slightly more furniture and equipment, and again providing for a slightly larger group.