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"Having moved from an underwhelming setting we are delighted with the progress she has made. The setting is very settled with low staff turnover which was very important to us. All of the practitioners are very knowledgeable about our daughter and her personality which we love."
A.L. father, Dulwich Sports Ground
"Jamie had a great drop off this morning - no tears and he seemed really happy. Great progress!
Please pass on my thanks to the team for all their hard work in helping him to settle and feel comfortable”
Heather Cloke, parent of Jamie, Rosendale Road

"I just wanted to say how enjoyable I found the stay and play session on Friday. It's a lovely thing to be able to offer and wonderful to see all the children playing together so happily."
Sarah Mccan, parent of Amy, Rosendale Road
"Thank you all so much for all the care, love and fun you’ve given Isla and Ruby over the years. We are always going to remember and be thankful that Nelly’s and all of you have played
Such an important role at the start of our Daughter’s lives."
Connie Wessel-Hopkin, parent of Isla & Ruby, Rosendale Road


"We have been part of the Nelly’s family for over 5 years now. Our eldest boy started when he was 11 months old, and stayed until starting reception. Our youngest has just under 2 more years left before he starts school, and I am already feeling sad at the prospect of him (and us!) leaving Nelly’s. Both boys have thoroughly enjoyed their time there and have developed fantastically with the support of all the staff. Ali is an amazing manager for Turney Road, and all the staff there really help make it feel like a home away from home. I can’t imagine a better place for the boys to have started their childcare and education."

Rachel Kempster, Ted's mum, Turney Road


"Nelly's has been fantastic in every respect. From the warm, friendly greeting every morning by the dedicated, conscientious team, to the structured activities every day - as a parent I have complete confidence in Nelly's and know that our daughter is getting the best care possible. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Olly Kendall, Tilly’s dad, Rosendale Road


"Nelly's makes me wish I was still 3 years old! The team there is great, and I felt super confident leaving both my boys in their care."

Dan Houghton, Turney Road


“Mummy, am I going to nursery tomorrow..... I love nursery”

Jess, aged 2, Turney Road


"Turney Road has a homely vibe both in terms of the building, its location, and atmosphere created by the exceptional staff. They have supported our son Rocco through the ups and downs of childhood, challenged and nurtured him. We couldn't have been happier."

Eve Gutierrez, Rocco’s mum, Turney Road


"Our daughter has been at Nelly’s for 15 months now and one of our primary reasons for choosing the nursery was that it was a family owned business. Therefore, when the nursery was bought by new owners, we naturally had our reservations. However, I have to say that our concerns were unfounded. Our daughter remains the happy contented little girl that she has always been at Nelly’s and it is clear that the primary concern for the owners is the happiness and wellbeing of the children. The staff remain fabulous, in particular our daughter’s keyworker, who our daughter considers better than Queen Elsa!"

Joanne Vlahos, Clementine’s mum, Rosendale Road


"My son has really flourished since joining Nelly’s on Turney Road. Ali, the manager, and her staff have been wonderful with him and really helped ease him into nursery life. He has been with Nelly’s for over a year now and we could not ask for anything more from a nursery. He absolutely loves it."

Eleni Wilde, Turney Road


"If you are searching for a nursery for your child, you don't have to look further than Nelly's. I happily leave my daughter there all week without any worries. The staff are caring and attentive and we are greeted with smiling faces when we arrive. Everybody knows who we are, including my second daughter even though she will only join Nelly's in 2017. Nelly's achieves a perfect balance between looking after the children and letting them become independent little people. We are very glad to be part of the Nelly's family."

Parent, Dulwich Sports Ground


"My son has been at Nelly's for a year and a half, starting in the baby room and moving up to the main room when he was two.  I genuinely couldn't think of a better place to leave him.  He has thrived under the care and supervision of the staff there who all take a huge personal and professional interest in him and his development.  He is excited every time we drop him off and never wants to leave, which is testament to the staff and the happy environment they create for the children.
The grounds are fantastic too and he gets to play and look out onto green fields every day. 
The staff at Nelly's are what make it such a fantastic and unique nursery.  I have always trusted them with my son and have always been so impressed with how they treat, respect and love the children they look after.  I really couldn't think of a better place to leave him or a better place for his development.  It has been amazing to watch him develop under their care not only in himself but how he interacts with the other children.  I feel truly lucky that he is there and look forward to sending his younger brother next year."

Sarah, parent, Dulwich Sports Ground